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L’Oro Di Napoli

L’Oro Di Napoli is a vibrant new restaurant serving up authentic Neapolitan cuisine in the heart of downtown Santa Rosa. Chef and owner Domenico De Angelis uses a blend of all the best Italian and local ingredients to bring a true taste of Naples to Sonoma county. Come in and experience pizza in a way you never have before. … Continue readingL’Oro Di Napoli


At Tomatina, everything is made with unparalleled freshness. Hearty sauces, flavorful soups, tasty dressings and delectable desserts are handmade every day at every restaurant in open-air kitchens. Nothing is ever microwaved or packaged—our chefs prepare each and every dish to order. That’s what fresh means to Tomatina, and that’s why here, fresh means everything. … Continue readingTomatina

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