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If you do not have menus available at this time, scroll down to the bottom on the form and click “Submit” to complete form. We will send a reminder and instructions for menu submissions to the email entered on this form.
  • Dinners must be at least three courses (appetizer, entrée, dessert) at $25, $35 or $55. Each course must have at least one option, but feel free to offer multiple choices per course. For example, you may offer choices for two appetizers, four entrees, and three desserts. The diner chooses one from each category to complete their meal. The price is fixed regardless of their choice. All dinner menus must include at least one entrée.
  • Lunches must be at least two courses with entrée being at least one of the courses, at either $10, $15, or $25. As with the dinner, at least one option must be offered for each course, but multiple options are welcome. Offering lunch is not mandatory. Also, restaurants may offer a lunch menu, but not a dinner menu. All lunch menus must include at least one entrée.
  • Sweet Perks must offer a baked good, pastry, or single dessert item at $5. Great option for bakeries, cafes, and ice cream shops. *Notice of change: In previous years, the sweet perk required a drink be included. That requirement is no longer in affect.

We strongly encourage you to use local ingredients and to feature Sonoma County local beverages at a discount. All marketing materials must state that the price per guest includes all courses, but it does not include beverages, tax, or gratuity. Your are welcome to submit up to five Restaurant Week Menus.

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